Brief Overview:

For my digital artefact I will be creating a short horror film inspired by my mental health. Over the past two years I have been dabbling in short horror pieces, often with absurdist ties in a bid to explore unique storytelling. In addition to challenging traditional approaches to film making. In the future I wish to have a career in the film industry, thus these projects have been collections to show future employees. In regards to what this artefact has to do with future cultures; I am hoping that within my film itself, you will see the exploration of my protagonist’s future. Which I hope, in itself will depict and challenge the future of Hollywood’s portrayal of mental health.


Due to the fact that I will be making an entire standalone film. This project will be more than just my movie, it will also include my university Instagram and WordPress blog as documentations of this piece’s future. I will aim to weekly share my plans for this film as well as exclusive behind the scenes. Including scripts, snippets, teasers, effects, research and photographs. I will also be using my blog to detail my future plans for this movie: how I hope it will turn out, views I hope it receives, as well as hypothetical futures such as distribution were it a seriously funded short film.

Further Clarification:

For further context. This movie will be in vignette form, each respectfully titled as an act. The piece will follow the mind of a protagonist (yet to be named) as we see her control over her intrusive thoughts crumble. As the plot progresses, we will start to see a shadowy figure consistently in the background following her in addition to foreign voices taunting her. I want there to be confusion as to whether this is all in the protagonists mind or if there is foul play at hand.

Production Timeline:

Because I’m working with film having a rigid and concise timeline is unrealistic. And I mean this in the sense of because I’m working on this piece alone; I have to do pre-production, the actual production, scripting, filming, editing and postproduction all by myself. So if I’m forcing myself to consistently churn out footage out of obligation, my piece will lose its sincerity and the quality will be diminished. This is why I’m super keen to be able explore this subject matter within my blogs and instagram, because I can be honest with where I’m at and what I’m doing. I can do things at my own pace and share my journey, all whilst getting feedback on things that I’m actually doing in the moment. That being said. I can’t just improvise this whole thing, so here is a loose schedule of what I’m planning to do: